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Andrew Dennis

Andrew Dennis
Andrew Dennis is a Content Marketing Manager at Shopify. Andrew is an alumnus of the University of Idaho and consequently a lifelong Vandals fan. You can connect with Andrew on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Linkable Content: How to Build Content that Earns Links

•Content Marketing •Link Building •SEO Strategy

Do you want more backlinks pointing to all your pages? Of course you do.

But do all your pages deserve more backlinks? Are they all link-worthy? Do they…

Empathy and Persuasion: Tips for Successful Link Outreach

•Link Building •SEO Strategy

Link outreach is about two things: empathy and persuasion.

If you remember this simple fact, your outreach will be better than probably 80% of the…

Integrating SEO and PR: Best Frenemies

•Basic SEO •Content Marketing


Should you invest in SEO or PR? Answer: yes.

Too often I see clients, prospects, or even my peers within…

Promoting Undervalued and Forgotten Assets for Links

•Basic SEO •Content Marketing •Link Building

 Sometimes you invest in creating a linkable asset, but fail to strategically promote it — leaving value (and links) on the table.

Even the most valuable…