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Connor Bonam & Bert Berousek

Connor Bonam & Bert Berousek
Connor Bonam, SEO Strategist. Since starting his SEO journey in 2015, he's fallen in love with the depth and knowledge required to be a successful SEO. Connor loves all aspects of SEO, the ever-changing landscape, and the tests needed to be successful. He feels it's like putting together the most complicated puzzle that never ends, and for some reason, he enjoys putting it together.

Bert Berousek, SEO Strategist. Bert is an SEO Strategist at Dealer Inspire who enjoys crafting expert-level, holistic SEO strategies for Dealer Inspire's automotive clients. He also flexes his SEO muscles for non-auto clients specializing in technical SEO and overall web architecture.

SEO vs PPC: Two Will Enter - Two Will Win

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The biggest question from a digital marketing perspective has always been: SEO vs. PPC, which one is better? Can they work together? Are they always going…