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SEO Reporting: Prove Your Value

•SEO Strategy

A common lamentation in the SEO world is that our stakeholders just “don’t get it.” They don’t understand what you do and why it’s valuable. They think…

Getting the Most from Google My Business in 2020

•Basic SEO •SEO Strategy

Local search is bigger than ever before. With the increasing number of “near me” searches on Google, we are still seeing continued growth in traffic…

The Importance of User Experience for SEOs

•Basic SEO •On-Page SEO

What is UX?

I Want Money — Lots and Lots of Money

•SEO Strategy

When I first began practicing SEO some 15 years ago, I thought the formula was pretty simple. Step one: Be good at SEO. Step two: Profit! Seems…

Let It Go: How To Embrace Automation And Get More Done

•Advanced SEO •SEO Strategy

This year, so far, has been the absolute worst. My 2020 started with a 6.4 earthquake, a countrywide blackout, and then this little thing called…

How to Design Your Content for Both User and Search

•Content Marketing •SEO Strategy •Content Creation

I wasn’t around for the SEO Dark Ages. I was still living in New York, trying to make it as a jazz musician. I wasn’t working in SEO when Google rolled…

Small Businesses Can't Afford (To Not Do) SEO

•Basic SEO •SEO Strategy

Selling to small businesses can be tough. Their budgets are generally tight and they usually want fast results. That means investing in SEO is…

Nobody Is An SEO Expert

•Basic SEO •SEO Strategy

Throughout the marketing industry, SEOs and marketers alike have attached the term "expert" next to their name. SEO is an ever-changing industry. Every…

How to Scale Title Tag and Meta Description Creation

•Advanced SEO •SEO Strategy

The Problem

Your SEO Specialist will tell you that every page on your website should have unique and optimized titles and meta descriptions. I agree…

Why Google Doesn't Care How You Feel About Your Content

•Content Creation

One of my absolute favorite lines from Pulp Fiction (pausing in acknowledgment of the fact that this movie is rife with legendary one-liners) comes…