Content Creation

Content creation is a critical part of a successful SEO strategy. Along with backlinks, content quality is a significant ranking factor in organic search results. These articles will help you craft content that engages your audience and performs well in search.

The Seven Deadly Sins of SEO

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SEO is an experimental field.

When your website is at the mercy of an elusive algorithm, it opens up the playing field to innovate and push the…

Content Optimization: Things Not Strings

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Four Pillars of SEO

If you have watched any of my videos or webinars, you will have heard me speak about the four pillars of SEO that should be part of…

How to Design Your Content for Both User and Search

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I wasn’t around for the SEO Dark Ages. I was still living in New York, trying to make it as a jazz musician. I wasn’t working in SEO when Google rolled…

Why Google Doesn't Care How You Feel About Your Content

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One of my absolute favorite lines from Pulp Fiction (pausing in acknowledgment of the fact that this movie is rife with legendary one-liners) comes…