Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the area of search engine optimization that focuses on fixing and optimizing technical issues within your website. Technical issues can hold your site back in organic search if they are not properly addressed.

Stories of the Strange: Site Auditing Oddities

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A technically-sound website is the basis for digital marketing success. Consider your website as if it were a storefront; just as a brick-and-mortar…

SEO Mythbusting: Can Google Recognize All Phone Number Formats?

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How do you know what you know about search engine optimization?

SEO Mythbusting: Does Google Recognize Click-to-Call as a Phone Number?

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SEO is a field where testing assumptions can reveal truths about optimizing your website. Busting SEO myths helps us make better business decisions and…

Solving Common Crawling Obstacles

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All decisions made in SEO are based on information that requires careful collection. Guidance must come from educated guesses, informed by trustworthy…

Creating Context with Structured Data

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So you have this great website.The graphics and design are perfect, the HTML is letter-perfect, and you even have web analytics switched on (and you…

Diagnosing Website Traffic Drops

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A drop in visitors to your site can be one of the first indicators that something is awry with your optimization. From technical errors to regular…

Going Meta on Your SEO

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Whether you’ve been an SEO for two weeks or two decades, you’re inevitably going to stumble into arguments about Meta tags. It’s sometimes hard to…

Do-It-Yourself Technical SEO Audit: A Beginner’s Guide to SEO Audits [Visual Guide / Infographic]

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You’ve got a website and you think it’s time for an SEO audit — where do you start?

If you’re looking for help on how to conduct a basic SEO audit of…

An Answer You Can’t Ignore: Taking On-Page Optimization to the Next Level

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 For all the constant advances in SEO, on-page optimization is often unsophisticated. You’ve optimized the Title tag, Meta description, and H1, and…

Race to the Top: Quick Tips for Faster Page Speed

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“Slow and steady” always wins the proverbial race, but Aesop might rewrite his fable if he saw how fast internet speeds are shaping online success.