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Interested in contributing to PAGES? You’re in luck.

PAGES is a quarterly digital trade magazine about SEO. We’re happy to consider contributions from anyone with SEO expertise and a passion for helping others learn.

Past contributors to PAGES include authors from tool providers like Page One Power, SEMrush, Screaming Frog, Moz, Ahrefs, and Drift. We’ve also featured insights from digital marketers representing recognized agencies like Seer Interactive, Siege Media, and Perficient Digital, and other thought-leading SEO experts working in-house for Fortune 500s.

Ready to be a part of PAGES? Take a look at these guidelines if you plan to connect with us.



PAGES is a magazine for people interested in SEO. Many of these individuals are digital marketers who might not specialize in SEO but would like to learn more about the field. Others are familiar with the field and are exploring PAGES because it is a new, unique take on SEO news and informative content. PAGES is visually-driven, curated, and engaging.




PAGES is written for digital marketers and focuses on SEO topics. If you’re an SEO professional interested in writing for PAGES, keep in mind that it can be a great platform to introduce marketers to helpful concepts and ideas that can make SEO work more impactful, and help marketers get more from the work they put into SEO.

PAGES covers the following topics:

  • Content
  • Links
  • Technical SEO
  • SEO Results
  • Industry News, Tools, & People
  • Integration (SEO + Social, PR, paid search, etc.)
  • Strategy

We welcome pitches that fall into any one of these categories. Our editors may also provide you with topic suggestions. (You do not need to have a specific topic in mind when reaching out about writing for PAGES; we’re happy to provide guidance on topic selection.)


Our guidelines:

  • If you have a topic in mind, please provide both a brief outline of your proposed contribution (including your title and any main subtopics) and any important biographical information in your initial email to us.
    • Please also submit a photo of yourself, biographical information, and any desired social linking along with your article.
  • Aim for 1000 to 2000 words when writing your article for PAGES.
  • Your article will be published in PAGES digital magazine, on the PAGES blog, and on the Page One Power blog. Editors reserve the right to edit submissions to meet the requirement of the magazine format and style standards.
  • PAGES is a place where we talk about how SEO benefits people, introduce SEO concepts, and tie them to tangible benefits for the reader.
  • Keep the format in mind as you write. When reading a digital magazine, the reader will be able to easily access additional information. If your article relies on external links or screenshots for clarity, please include them in your draft version. Editors reserve the right to create different screenshots for a more visual appeal.
    • Try to focus on “why” behind tactical topics, and use “how” to support your points and ideas.
    • Good SEO work makes the internet a better place. Focus on SEO concepts and tactics that benefit both SEOs and web users at large.
  • Articles should be written to help beginners get excited about SEO. Make your contributions friendly, helpful, and human.
  • Because of the format of PAGES, contributors are encouraged to avoid relying heavily on images in their articles. Contributors can submit images (or screenshots) along with their article if those images are used to help explain a concept more clearly or demonstrate a step in a process, but do not need to submit featured images.
  • We accept content exclusive to PAGES magazine and Page One Power. Once accepted for submission, we reserve the right to exclusively publish content written for PAGES magazine on PAGES and Page One Power platforms. We ask that you do not republish content online without permission.




Download the full contributor's guidelines here.

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