Keyword Research

Keyword research refers to the strategy of discovering, analyzing, and prioritizing which keywords or search queries are most important to your website. This research empowers SEOs to build strategies that target these key terms for organic search improvement.

The Power of Link Intent

•Content Marketing •Keyword Research •Link Building

Building your business or blog online is all about getting into your audience’s head. Knowing what and how they think makes your job as a marketer that…

Taking an SEO Road Trip: Part One

•Basic SEO •Keyword Research •Link Building

Some of you may not remember, but there was a time when using a foldable map was the only way to navigate on a road trip. I remember in every gas…

Search in China: An Introduction to Baidu

•Basic SEO •Keyword Research •Link Building

While Google made headlines last year over Dragonfly, the search engine prototype said to be in development for Chinese markets, it should come as no…

The Real Gold: Learning from On-Site Search Data

•Basic SEO •Keyword Research

SEO is about understanding user intent and crafting strategy around what people actually want.Optimizing the content on your website and wider…

Crafting Content Magic: Applying Keyword Research to Content Marketing

•Basic SEO •Content Marketing •Keyword Research

According to a recent study by eMarketer, 9 out of 10 B2B businesses in the United States use digital content marketing. It’s not only an industry best…

Rethinking Conventional Keyword Research

•Basic SEO •Keyword Research

Staying competitive in SEO often requires us to revisit trusted workflows and methods when important changes occur in the industry. It’s one of the…

Keyword Difficulty in a Post-RankBrain World

•Advanced SEO •Keyword Research

Exactly how hard is it to rank for a particular keyword?

Answering this question is a key component of good keyword research, and software companies…

Why Thinking Like Your Customers Is Important for Keyword Research

•Basic SEO •Content Marketing •Keyword Research

Keyword research is a bit like learning to cook, in the sense that it doesn’t take a lot of knowledge or skill to do the basics. Once you know how to…

Keyword Research to Increase Traffic Using SEMrush

•Basic SEO •Keyword Research •On-Page SEO

Keyword research is SEO 101 — identifying opportunities via keyword research that will drive traffic to the pages you’ve created.

These pages represent…