Content Marketing

Content marketing refers, generally, to the promotion of content online to achieve a variety of goals, including: brand exposure, authority building, SEO improvement, and more. Read these articles to learn more about the practice of content marketing.

Let's Talk About Spanish PPC

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As digital marketers, we have all been there — stuck on what to do next and trying to reinvent the wheel. We know what it is like to run out of ideas,…

Using Research in Your Content and SEO Strategy

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Loyal readers may recall that the second issue of PAGES included an article by Vince Nero that described how to leverage linking intent.

Linkable Content: How to Build Content that Earns Links

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Do you want more backlinks pointing to all your pages? Of course you do.

But do all your pages deserve more backlinks? Are they all link-worthy? Do…

Content Optimization: Things Not Strings

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Four Pillars of SEO

If you have watched any of my videos or webinars, you will have heard me speak about the four pillars of SEO that should be part of…

How to Design Your Content for Both User and Search

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I wasn’t around for the SEO Dark Ages. I was still living in New York, trying to make it as a jazz musician. I wasn’t working in SEO when Google rolled…

Integrating SEO and PR: Best Frenemies

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Should you invest in SEO or PR? Answer: yes.

Too often I see clients, prospects, or even my peers within digital marketing making SEO and public…

How to Build a Content Strategy Foundation for Mighty Content Marketing

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“We’re doing content marketing. We started a blog.”

This is a phrase you’ll hear from a lot of marketers. However, those who take this casual approach…

Prioritizing SEO Tasks for Maximum Results

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How do you answer a question as big as, “Where should our company start with SEO?”

There are, quite literally, hundreds of SEO activities you could…

School for Search: Bringing Search Marketing to Universities

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It’s a well-known trope for anyone who’s been involved with digital marketing for some time: ask 10 search marketing professionals how they got their…

The Power of Link Intent

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Building your business or blog online is all about getting into your audience’s head. Knowing what and how they think makes your job as a marketer that…