Basic SEO

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, refers to a set of tactics and strategies aimed at improving a website’s performance in organic search. These articles will help you learn the fundamentals of SEO.

The Jordan Yocum Interview

•Basic SEO •Link Building

Jordan Yocum is a Digital Marketing Specialist at the Better Business Bureau, and a former Page One Power employee. Based on his knowledge and…

Turn Everyday Tasks Into Sustainable Website Traffic

•Basic SEO •SEO Strategy

With all the time and work that goes into good SEO, how do you find time for content creation? Content creation is a major component of successful SEO,…

Getting the Most from Google My Business in 2020

•Basic SEO •SEO Strategy

Local search is bigger than ever before. With the increasing number of “near me” searches on Google, we are still seeing continued growth in traffic…

The Importance of User Experience for SEOs

•Basic SEO •On-Page SEO

What is UX?

Small Businesses Can't Afford (To Not Do) SEO

•Basic SEO •SEO Strategy

Selling to small businesses can be tough. Their budgets are generally tight and they usually want fast results. That means investing in SEO is…

Nobody Is An SEO Expert

•Basic SEO •SEO Strategy

Throughout the marketing industry, SEOs and marketers alike have attached the term "expert" next to their name. SEO is an ever-changing industry. Every…

Interviewing for an SEO Job

•Basic SEO

Today I want to talk about how to interview for an SEO position. I had a new position open up on my team recently and of course needed to fill it, so I…

Integrating SEO and PR: Best Frenemies

•Basic SEO •Content Marketing

Should you invest in SEO or PR? Answer: yes.

Too often I see clients, prospects, or even my peers within digital marketing making SEO and public…

Prioritizing SEO Tasks for Maximum Results

•Basic SEO •Content Marketing

How do you answer a question as big as, “Where should our company start with SEO?”

There are, quite literally, hundreds of SEO activities you could…

SEO Project Management and Actually Getting Stuff Done: A Case Study

•Basic SEO

One of the most common SEO challenges marketers face is getting their recommendations implemented. You figure out what will bring customers to your…